Protecting your reputation is
an ongoing work
Welcome to Comma,

A communications agency
focused on Reputation Management
and business value

When change is constant, your reputation must remain solid


How your organization is perceived means everything. Your reputation stands in direct relation to your success and retaining your position is an ongoing work.


Rock hard competition prevails in a never-before-seen information clutter where channels and technology are constantly changing the playing field. The audience is competent, demands increased transparency, full digital accessibility and has high ethical requirements.

Do the right thing today, remain appreciated tomorrow.


If your organization doesn’t have your stakeholders’ trust, your business goals will be impossible to reach. We can help you build and maintain a strong reputation among all stakeholders using Reputation Management.



More and more people are placing increasing demands on how organizations’ brand, values and behavior stand in line with one’s own. Both as a customer, consumer and employee. Together with increased transparency and rapid sharing, it places high demands on what we summarize as reputation. Many factors contribute to a strong reputation – it is both about what you do and how you communicate.


At Comma we help you build your reputation. Through a Reputation Audit we identify strengths and weaknesses. We then put together a strategy for the journey forward and help you implement it through everything from creative concepts, written and motion graphics and film for different channels to training your spokespersons. For some customers, we contribute with specific actions when they need us, for others we act as an outsourced communication department with continuous work. You choose.

It takes time to build a good reputation, but it can be ruined in no time if you’re not prepared. Today, the media hype is lightning fast in both traditional and social media and the surrounding world’s understanding and patience with clumsy behavior is equal to zero.


We have extensive experience of countless known and unknown crises. Our work primarily focuses on avoiding crisis by managing risks at an early stage. We also help to streamline organizations’ crisis management by reviewing and improving crisis procedures, conducting crisis training and testing preparedness through different types of exercises.


Do you know of an event in your organization that you’re worried about? Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on crisis management.


Are you looking for an effective way to alert your crisis group, access checklists and share information? Our own crisis app – Crisis Pilot – helps companies to streamline their crisis management in a live situation.


Read more about Crisis Pilot here

This is how we secure your reputation

Comma_Reputation Management

We help you with analysis and strategy so you can make the right choices, we train and support you, so you are better equipped to meet your different challenges, and we stand for the practical execution if you need extra resources or special skills. The scope of our assignments ranges from consulting on individual issues to interim assignments or insourcing. Regardless scope, most customers usually stay with us for many years.

What can we do for you?

Senior Advisor & Founder

Ingrid Landahl

+46-70-657 33 34

Ingrid is the founder of Comma and an expert at crisis management and strategic issues. Her principal focus is on how organizations can build and maintain a strong reputation and how this can contribute to commercial success. Ingrid is as much in demand as an adviser in situations concerning issues management and of burgeoning crises.
Within the PR industry, Ingrid has worked in leading roles since 1996. Before this, she was marketing manager at Stockholm Water Foundation, where one of her achievements was the introduction of the Stockholm Water Prize to the international arena. Ingrid also holds an MBA from the University of Stockholm.

Senior Advisor & Partner

Jan Strand

+46-70-710 69 79

With substantial experience of both crisis management and proactive media relations, Jan constitutes a crucial element of Comma’s offering within Reputation Management.
As well as being a trained journalist, Jan also has a degree in theoretical philosophy from Lund University. Jan spent the bulk of his journalistic carrier as a reporter for Expressen, before he began working as a communications consultant in 1999.
Jan has conducted media and crisis training for a long line of management groups, CEOs and hundreds of others who have been given the responsibility of externally representing their organizations.
He is a reassuring and experienced adviser who also functions as both a sounding board and an ideas man.

Senior Advisor & Partner

Merja Metell Suomalainen

+46-70-864 06 18

Merja is a specialist in branding issues and crisis management.
She has extensive journalistic experience as a presenter and editor at Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television. Merja is a popular moderator and also lectures about the art of moderating.
Thanks to previous government assignments, Merja is also a master of influencing political decisions and compiling the documentation upon which such decisions are based.
She has a degree in communications and sociolinguistics from Örebro University and is also a trained process leader from SIQ (the Swedish Institute for Quality).

Client Relationship Director

Ingemar Åkesson

+46-70-898 33 69

Ingemar is highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the travel industry, which he has worked within for more than 30 years. He is an expert at relationship marketing and works with media issues, social media, trends and competitive intelligence.
Before he came to Comma, Ingemar was Director of Communications for Northern Europe at the Hogg Robinson Group international travel agency. Before this, he has studied Executive Communication at Stockholm School of Economics as well as studying at IHM Business School, Bergs School of Communication and Stockholm University.

Account Manager

Philip Ohlsson

+46-70-721 70 26

Philip is Comma’s expert in the field of online reputation management and analysis. He works with digital communication and marketing, focusing on building and nurturing reputation on the web and social media. Philip holds a degree in public relations and communications from Örebro University and is also a trained journalist. This background makes him particularly incisive when it comes to content creation, business intelligence, media issues and strategies for social media. Philip also has a burning passion for football, in all its forms, and is doing his best to visit as many places around the world as possible.

Account Manager

Malin Castwall Hansson

+46-76-375 17 02

Malin holds a degree in media and communication from Lund University and has also studied political science and gender studies. This background makes her particularly keen on sustainability issues and on building and nurturing reputation. Before joining Comma Malin worked for The Hunger Project and Flickaplattformen (The Girl Platform) where she worked as a communications officer. Before that she was a music editor at Sveriges Radio. At Comma, Malin works with business intelligence and reputation management, focusing on digital communication and social sustainability.

Senior Advisor

Helen Iwefors-Häggblom

+ 46-70-872 19 90

Art Director and Photographer

Jonas Clefström

+46-708-59 59 79

Jonas has worked as a freelance art director since 2009 and is a subcontractor at Comma, where he has helped our clients with everything from websites and graphic design to photography and creative promotions. He has worked in advertising, design and photography since 1990 and has, over the years, accrued wide-ranging experience within the field of visual communication. Previously, Jonas has also been (among other things) co-owner of Grand advertising agency and art director for several other agencies in Stockholm. His former customers include everything from fast-moving consumer goods to schools and services.

Senior Advisor

Urban Kindhult

+46 73 042 42 11

Urban holds a degree in law from the university of Stockholm and Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Netherlands, specialized in the law of the European Communities and intellectual property law. He has many years of experience from legal and communications, among other things from projects in legal analysis from the College of Europe, ministry for industry and the university of Stockholms department for Intellectual Property. Urban has created successful campaigns for the Swedish Construction Federation, the Swedish ICT-Commission and the Swedish Association for the Telecom Industry. He has also been responsible for legal, communication, launching and building of brands with significant tech start-up profiles such as Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus AUDDLY, the French music data service SOUNDCHARTS roll-out in Scandinavia and being a driving force behind the global success of JAYS Headphones from start over eight years.

Account Manager

Carina Walding

+46 73 709 18 33

Crisis Pilot – our crisis app

Crisis Pilot is our own crisis app that helps companies and organizations to streamline their crisis management and win important minutes in a live situation. Alert and coordinate the crisis team via text message and email and get up-to-date information at the touch of a button.


About Comma

Comma was founded in 2004 and has ten employees with different backgrounds in business development, journalism, marketing, brand development and public administration. Several of us have more than twenty years of experience in the industry, but we also have younger talents that can challenge us with new ways of thinking.



We have chosen to focus on building, defending and, if necessary, restoring, a good reputation for our customers (Reputation Management). We know that a strong reputation leads to success – it can also be measured. A strong reputation means that your stakeholders want to work with you, invest in you and support you in crisis. In addition, they want to buy your products and services and will recommend others to do so too.



Our mission is to make you better as a client. We appreciate honest and close relationships and we will always be sincere with what we believe is the best way forward. We often hear that we are quick and easy to work with and that may be the reason why most customers stay with us for many years.

Join our team

Do you want to work in a team where we utilize each other’s strengths to be able to offer the customer the best solution at all times?
We’re not in an active recruitment phase right now, but we’re always looking for experienced and driven talents to strengthen our already strong team. Send us an e-mail with your CV to and tell us why you should be Comma’s next employee!


Our clients operate in many different sectors. We have worked with many for a long time while some are more recent acquaintances. Common for all of them is that they face different communication challenges that they need help with. Here are some of them:



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