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Reputation Management

Comma can help you and your organisation to establish and maintain a strong reputation among all stakeholders. We call this reputation management. This involves the use of effective communication to proactively strengthen your brand and business. At the same time, we ensure there is efficient risk and crisis management in place in order to minimise the risk of your reputation being compromised.

Digitalisation, a constantly growing and ever-faster flow of information, together with a more challenging media climate, means that the competition for people’s attention is becoming increasingly tough. Alongside these trends, the increasing demand for an ethical working approach also places greater expectations on companies and organisations, and there is an ever-growing risk of ‘doing something wrong’. It is no longer enough to simply provide a good product or service – if your organisation doesn’t have the trust or confidence of your target group, it will be impossible to achieve your business objectives.

Examples of what we can do for your company


  • Reputation index
  • Trust-related opportunities and risks
  • Business intelligence
  • Positioning
  • Crisis standby
  • Strategies for selected stakeholders
  • Message platform
  • Corporate story


  • Processes
  • Policies
  • Business intelligence
  • Crisis plan
  • Crisis application
  • SEO
  • Crisis training
  • Media training
  • Advice
  • Crisis hotline


  • Identify and create content and news
  • Campaign themes
  • Surveys and studies
  • Text production
  • Media planning
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Social media publication
  • Monitoring and standby
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Tracking of reputation index

Crisis Pilot

Forget that dusty crisis folder with outdated lists of telephone numbers. You can now set your crisis management in motion with the help of Crisis Pilot. Crisis Pilot is a web-based crisis management application with a simple user interface that works on all platforms, from smartphones to desktop computers. The system features:


  • Alarm function via text message and email
  • Space for crisis documentation (e.g. crisis plan, checklists, etc.)
  • Opportunity to share information (e.g. current situation and message) with the crisis group
  • Function for the compilation of a crisis log
  • Option to delegate duties within the crisis group
  • Archive function for completed crises


Crisis Pilot is a cloud-based subscription service. Subscribers also have 24-hour access to Comma’s emergency number for crisis consultations.

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    Work with us

    Would you like to work in a tightly-knit team where we exploit each other’s strengths in order to be able to offer the client the best possible solution, whatever the situation? Comma only employs senior consultants with solid experience gained from their respective areas of expertise. At the moment, we are not in a phase of active recruitment, but Comma is always on the look-out for experienced and motivated talents who can reinforce our already strong team. Send an email containing your CV to and explain why we should choose you as Comma’s next employee!


    Ingrid Landahl

    Senior Advisor & Founder

    Ingrid is Comma’s founder and an expert at crisis management and strategic issues.
Her principal focus is on how organisations can build and maintain a strong reputation and how this can contribute to commercial success. Ingrid is much in demand as an adviser in situations concerning the effective management of communication risks and of burgeoning crises.
    Within the PR industry, Ingrid has worked in leading roles since 1996. Before this, she was marketing manager at Stockholm Water Foundation, where one of her achievements was the introduction of the Stockholm Water Prize to the international arena. Ingrid also holds an MBA from the University of Stockholm.


    Phone +46-70-657 33 34

    Jan Strand

    Senior Advisor & Partner

    With substantial experience of both crisis management and proactive media relations, Jan constitutes a crucial element of Comma’s offering within Reputation Management.
    As well as being a trained journalist, Jan also has a degree in theoretical philosophy from Lund University. Jan spent the bulk of his journalistic carrier as a reporter for Expressen, before he began working as a communications consultant in 1999.
    Jan has conducted media and crisis training for a long line of management groups, CEOs and hundreds of others who have been given the responsibility of externally representing their organisations.
    He is a reassuring and experienced adviser who also functions as both a sounding board and an ideas man.


    Phone +46-70-710 69 79

    Ingemar Åkesson

    Client Relationship Director

    Ingemar is highly knowledgeable about every aspect of the travel industry, within which he has worked for more than 30 years. He is an expert at relationship marketing and works with media issues, social media, trends and competitive intelligence.
    Before he came to Comma, Ingemar was Director of Communications for Northern Europe at the Hogg Robinson Group international travel agency. Before this, he had studied Executive Communication at Stockholm School of Economics as well as studying at IHM Business School, Bergs School of Communication and Stockholm University.


    Phone +46-70-898 33 69

    Philip Ohlsson

    Account Executive

    Philip is Comma’s expert in the field of online reputation management and analysis. He works with digital communication and marketing with a focus on building and nurturing reputations on the internet and on social media.
    Philip has a degree in PR and communications from Örebro University and is also a trained journalist. This background makes him particularly incisive when it comes to content, business intelligence, media issues and strategies for social media.
    Philip also has a burning passion for football, in all its forms, and is doing his best to visit as many places around the world as possible.


    Phone +46-70-721 70 26

    Ulrika Sten

    Account Director

    Ulrika builds her customers’ reputations by means of highly effective marketing PR integrated with internal and change communication. Her customers represent a diverse range of industries, but that which is closest to her heart is communication within the fields of the environment and sustainability.
    She has extensive experience of marketing and is responsible for sales at Comma. Ulrika’s education includes communications and marketing studies in both Sweden and the USA, as well as Russian and peace and conflict studies. She has also worked in a newsroom in New York.


    Phone +46-70-757 64 54

    Merja Metell Suomalainen

    Senior Advisor

    Merja is a specialist in branding issues and crisis management.
    She has extensive journalistic experience as a presenter and editor at Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television. Merja is a popular moderator and also lectures about the art of moderating.
    Thanks to previous government assignments, Merja is also a master of influencing political decisions and compiling the documentation upon which such decisions are based.
    She has a degree in communications and sociolinguistics from Örebro University and is also a trained process leader from SIQ (the Swedish Institute for Quality).


    Phone +46-70-864 06 18

    Anna Björlin

    Senior Advisor

    Anna has worked with PR and communications within the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years, both as a consultant and in leading positions in major pharmaceutical companies. She works on both the overall strategic level and with the practical implementation of communication activities, such as media campaigns, web projects, collaborations with patient organizations and seminars.

    Anna has studied communication science at Stockholm University, a qualified nurse and also holds a IMA-certification.


    Phone + 46-70-827 88 51

    Malin Castwall Hanson

    Account Executive

    Malin holds a degree in media and communication from Lund University and has also studied political science and gender studies. This background makes her particularly keen on sustainability issues and on building and nurturing reputation. Before joining Comma Malin worked for Hungerprojektet (The Hunger Project) and Flickaplattformen (The Girl Platform) where she worked as a communications officer. Before that she has also worked as a music editor for Sveriges Radio (Swedish Public Radio). At Comma, Malin works with business intelligence and reputation management, focusing on digital communication and social sustainability.


    Phone + 46-76-375 17 02

    Jonas Clefströn

    Art Director

    Jonas has worked as a freelance art director since 2009 and is a subconsultant at Comma, where he has helped our clients with everything from websites and graphic design to photography and creative promotions. He has worked in advertising, design and photography since 1990 and has, over the years, accrued wide-ranging experience within the field of visual communication. Previously, Jonas has also been (among other things) co-owner of Grand advertising agency and art director for several other agencies in Stockholm. His former customers include everything from fast-moving consumer goods to schools and services.

    Phone +46-708-59 59 79


    Our clients can be found in a wide range of different industries. We have long-established working relationships with many of these, whilst others are more recent acquaintances. What they all have in common, however, is that they are all faced with various communication challenges for which they need help. Sometimes, we simply act as a sounding board whilst, on other occasions, we function more as an outsourced communication department. Here are some of our customers:


    Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 13111 37 Stockholm

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